Kampala Geopolitics Conference

Moses Owiny


Moses Owiny is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Multilateral Affairs (CfMA). He has over 10 years of ICT4D implementation and practice. He has contributed to debates and policy discourses at multi-stakeholder platforms at domestic, regional and global level. His primary areas of research include: Cyber Security and State Capacity in Uganda. He is a member of the 2021 RightsCon Program Committee on ‘Norms, Accountability and Practice’. He is currently researching the influence of cyber norms in fostering Uganda’s bi-lateral and multilateral relations for responsible state behavior in cyberspace. He is passionate about multilateral politics, defense and security and international law.


Kampala Geopolitics Conference 2021
Opening up the Post-Cotonou Framework: An Opportunity to Develop a New Africa-EU Relationship?
Moses Owiny
Cybersecurity – Resilience of African States & Threat Scenario