What is Kampala Geopolitics? 

The Kampala Geopolitics Conference is an academic public event discussing current geopolitical trends and hot topics. After two successful years, the conference has become a regional flagship bearer for Geopolitical debates: By complimenting global conversations with regional and African perspectives, the conference sets the course for balanced discourse and places sustainable development, global peace and international cooperation in the limelight.

From 19th to 30th October, the conference will be live-streamed online and on TV for the public. In the panel discussions, experts from Uganda and the African continent will be joined by international researchers to debate pertinent Geopolitical questions.

The third edition - “Geopolitics in the Year of the Pandemic and Beyond“

The year 2020 established a new reality for the masses. 

Technology, for instance, has metamorphosed work life and eased the economic recession but debates over data security and cyber warfare are still in their infancy. Then again, crisis management responses have inspired critical discussions around solidarity, leadership and possibly even a new world order. And while many have adjusted to the “new normal“, others whose entire livelihoods are at risk fail to see the way forward.

The 2020 edition of the Kampala Geopolitics Conference is dedicated to these questions around “the Pandemic and Beyond“ and foregrounds recent controversies that demand answers for a peaceful and sustainable future.


The Kampala Geopolitics Conference offers a high-level and interactive platform for dialogue and free exchange on contemporary, regional and international debates. Inspired by the French “Geopolitics of Nantes”, the conference was launched in 2018 to move global debates to an African stage.

The event was previously held at the emblematic and prestigious University of Makerere, where many African leaders were trained.

In 2020, the virtual Kampala Geopolitics is organised by the Embassy of France, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, UN Women, NBS TV, Makerere University, Alliance Française in Kampala and Institut des Relations Internationales et Stratégiques.