Kampala Geopolitics Conference

Kampala Geopolitics Conference 2018

Conference Summary

The Kampala Geopolitics Conference is a two-day public event about world geopolitics. It is inspired by the successful event “Geopolitics of Nantes” in France. The conference will be held at the emblematic University of Makerere, one of oldest and most prestigious universities in Sub-Saharan Africa, where many African leaders were trained. The partners involved include: The Embassy of France, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), Makerere University, the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS), Alliance Française Kampala and UN Women.

The conference aims at creating an interactive and dynamic platform for dialogue and free exchange of ideas cutting across contemporary, local and international geopolitics. Topics relating to global political, social and economic debates will be discussed.

Some key questions pertinent to the conference topics include but are not limited to: What is the economic cost of excluding minorities? What are the implications of the Trump presidency on global power relations? Is there still hope for global citizens to fight climate change? What are we doing to give hope to the young generation? Are religions peacemakers or troublemakers? Is the African economy in the hands of foreigners? What are the pillars of democracy and the global trends that undermine it? What leaders are we craving for? Shall agriculture fill your stomach or your purse? What are the avenues for peace and stability in Africa? Are women in position of power challenging male dominance? Is the European Union a model or deterrent for regional integration in East Africa? What are the side effects of unbridled capitalism? Are we too many for the resources of our planet?

The conference will feature 21 panels and will attract thousands of participants from Uganda and beyond.

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Friday 26th October 2018
2:00 pm
Make the Planet Great Again: Is There Still Hope for Global Citizens to Fight Climate Change?
2:00 pm
Opening Doors or Building Walls: Managing Migration in US, Europe & Africa
3:45 pm
Youth is the Future: What Are We Doing To Give Hope To The Young Generation?
3:45 pm
Long Live Diplomacy: Multilateralism in 21st Century
3:45 pm
Are Religions Peacemakers or Troublemakers?: The Role of Religion in Volatile Societies
5:30 pm
Concert:A Ka Dope Band, Chameleone, DJs Stage Moving Performance
Saturday 27th October 2018
8:00 am
Arrival and Registration of participants
8:30 am
Welcoming remarks
8:45 am
Slam, Poetry – Open our Minds and Hearts: Poetry, Dance Light up Kampala Geopolitics Conference
9:30 am
Old Masters, New Players: Is the African Economy in the Hands of Foreigners?
9:30 am
Democracy in Danger: The Pillars of Democracy and its Challenges
9:30 am
Sport, Not Just for Fun Anymore: Is it a Distraction, an Industry, Soft Power?
11:15 am
Alpha Males, New Comers and Populists: What Leaders Are We Craving For?
11:15 am
Avenues for Peace and Stability: Peacebuilding, Regional Diplomacy and Military Intervention in Africa
11:15 am
The Power of Food: Will Agriculture Fill Your Stomach or Your Purse?
2:00 pm
Powerful Women: Are They a Threat to Males or Their Best Partners
12:30 am
Vendors and activities on Freedom Square
2:00 pm
The Future of East Africa: Is the European Union a Model or Deterrent?
2:00 pm
What is Going to Kill us First? Global Threats to Human Health

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