Kampala Geopolitics Conference 2022

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Tuesday 15th November 2022
8:30 am
Arrival & Introductions
9:30 am
Opening Panel
10:30 am
Global Impact of the War in Ukraine – African and European Perspectives
11:45 am
Batwa Introduction and Performance
12:00 pm
The Impact of Globalisation on the Development of Sport and Cultural and Creatives Industries in Africa
12:00 pm
The Future of East African Jihadism revisited – the Cases of East Congo, Mozambique, and Somalia
1:15 pm
Lunch Break
2:30 pm
Health – Moving from Leadership to Partnership for a Sustainable Global Health
2:30 pm
Cybersecurity – Resilience of African States & Threat Scenario
4:00 pm
Defending Rights in Times of Insecurity – Human Rights, Development and Security Policy
4:00 pm
Understanding Uganda’s Out-Migration Trends
4:00 pm
Training journalists in environmental, sciences and data journalism
8:00 pm
End of Day 1
Wednesday 16th November 2022
8:00 am
Arrival and Check In
9:00 am
The Role of the African Union in Conflict Resolution – To what extent can there be Pan-African interests?
9:00 am
The Role of the Private Sector and of the African Continental Free Trade Area for Economic Inclusion and Sustainable Development
10:30 am
The Role of Data in Sustainable and Efficient Population Growth Management
10:30 am
Climate Change – How does the inter-generational conflict compromise environmental engagement?
12:00 pm
En route to the Olympic Games 2024
1:15 pm
Lunch Break
1:30 pm
Space Conquest – Between conquest and new military tools, can we avoid Star Wars?
4:45 pm
Re-imagining Africa’s High Education on the Global Scale; Championing Innovations for Transformation
2:45 pm
The Role of East Africa in Middle Eastern Politics
4:15 pm
Closing Remarks
4:30 pm
Exhibition and Cocktail
8:30 pm
End of Conference

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