Kampala Geopolitics Conference

The United States of Africa: Where is African Unity heading?

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When the African Union was established, the dream of a particularly African identity was the main push-factor behind the formation of the continental body. At the time, African leaders raised hopes for one united Africa without trade or political barriers. Africa registered commendable progress under the AU, particularly with respect to peace and security. Yet, incidents like the xenophobic violence in South Africa have overshadowed the plans for a united, integrated African continent. Addis Ababa can do little about this. Even more troublesome are instances of continental insecurity like instabilities in the Horn of Africa or the ongoing civil war in DR Congo. Some countries have contributed significantly to return to continental peace and security, others have merely been bystanders, thus threatening progress to unity. The need to draw a realistic picture on the question of African unity remains much more urgent today than when the idea first sparked flames. Is African unity a realistic concept for a continent so diverse and multicultural as can be? What are the key drivers and obstacles towards unity and closer integration? And how does the young generation define African unity?

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