Kampala Geopolitics Conference

Bosco Asiimwe


Bosco Asiimwe is the Director for Democratic Governance & Strategic Studies at the Center for Multilateral Affairs. He previously worked as the Coordinator Academia and later Regional Peace and Security at the Uganda Council on Foreign Relations, and worked as a Liaison Officer for Council and the European University Institute partnership on migration.

As a youth leader, he has actively tried to influence and shape youth perspectives and participation in politics. His research interests are; National security, Regional peace and security, Foreign policy, diplomacy, International Law, Military warfare, Oil and Gas diplomacy, Regional integration and Strategic intelligence. He holds a (Hons) Bachelor’s degree in political science and a Masters degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies, all from Makerere University.


Kampala Geopolitics Conference 2023
Water Governance, Transboundary Water, Peace and Democracy (Ambassade de France)