Kampala Geopolitics Conference

Women and Power – Reshaping of Foreign Policy


Can women make the world more peaceful, more connected or even more thriving? Yes, they can, they do
and examples of their commitment are countless. Not only do women head governments and ministries, rescue
their lives on the ground, mitigate the most challenging conflicts and help prevent them, they also inspire and
create new role models. Long gone is the picture of women merely as bystanders in high-level decision-making. And yet, as a field of research and through a scientific lens, “gender” has not received the attention it deserves. This leaves public action under-informed of the opportunities of deliberately including women in international affairs.

The Kampala Geopolitics Conference will discuss why we need gendered approaches in Geopolitics: What is different about women’s roles, their approaches, their skills or their conflict resolution capabilities? Let’s listen to the women who make our world a better place and let’s learn more about the female impact in security, foreign policy and development politics!

Meet the Panelists