Kampala Geopolitics Conference

COVID-19 Responses: What Implications for Global Leadership?


When the pandemic hit, crisis management responses
revealed quite plainly the differences in leadership and
the competition between differing political systems.
China, that first neglected the virus’ existence and
protracted informing the international community of the
existing threat, currently flaunts its narrative of being a
successful combatant against the virus while it supports
other nations in their fight against COVID19. The
responses of other governments range from complete
ignorance to downplaying risks and scape-goating others
all the way to a transparent, strategic and empathic
approach to protect and unite society.
Can we trace correlations between political ideology,
political system, and political culture and countries’
responses to such global threats? Did female leaders – as
often asserted – indeed respond better to the pandemic?
Who gained the trust of their people and who lost it? And
what conclusions can we draw for the leadership of the
future? Who will our future leaders be?

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