Kampala Geopolitics Conference

Rising influence of African Art on the Global Level

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Rapid rise of Afro-beats, rising stars on the global platform, and also the phenomena of several US stars re-connecting/linking with African heritage –i.e. many have used initiatives such as “The Year of the Return” in Ghana, reclaimed nationality–, have tapped into more of African music. Beyonce recently paired with African artists for the Lion King. Also in terms of film, Netflix have supported the production of several African films etc for their global platform.

With the Africa Season in full swing in France, we must ask ourselves where we stand in the world in terms of knowledge of African art. This notion itself says a lot about our (mis)knowledge of the continent in its multiple identities and plural histories. The movements of negritude and postcolonialism have given way to other forms of contestation, other ways of making them emerge. African art questions (freedom, tradition, diversity; in short, identity) rather than condemns. What does this exploration of identity tell us about the geopolitical links between Europe and Africa today?

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