Kampala Geopolitics Conference

African experts, international researchers set for Kampala geopolitics conference

African experts, international researchers set for Kampala geopolitics dialogue

Today, the African region continues to face serious challenges distorting several countries’ attempts and efforts to develop. Relatively, experts say low economic recovery, civil wars, and climate change continue to force large numbers of people to flee their homes as refugees and migrants.
Whether sub-Saharan countries can cooperate to address these challenges through regional or continental bodies such as the African Union will largely determine the continent’s future.

It’s against this background, therefore, that experts from Uganda and Africa as well as international researchers will convene in Kampala to discuss and provide relevant solutions to addressing such challenges.
The two-day annual event dubbed Kampala Geopolitics Conference (KGC) is an academic public dialogue where experts will discuss current geopolitical questions and trends.

“It is inspired by the flagship event of the “Geopolitics of Nantes” in France. The KGC is a high-level conference offering an interactive platform for dialogue and free exchange on contemporary, regional and international debates to move global debates to an African stage. Experts from Uganda and the African continent will be joined by international researchers to engage in participatory and documented debates on global topics,” reads part of the statement issued by the organizers of the conference that starts on November 15, 2022.