Kampala Geopolitics Conference

Concert:A Ka Dope Band, Chameleone, DJs Stage Moving Performance

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When the panel sessions ended, the participants relocated
to Freedom Square for an entertainment treat by A Ka Dope
Band, DJ Slick Stuart and Roja, and Jose Chameleone.
A Ka Dope Band breathed life into the crowd through music
varying from European, African to American pop. They
gently but persistently cajoled the crowd into listening, then
swaying, and by the time they did their last song – a cover
of Sam Fan Thomas’ African Typic Collection – the crowd
was dancing to the live band performance.
After the band was done, DJ Roja and Slick Stuart took
to their decks. Their hype-man Allan rallied the everincreasing
crowd to dance and sing along to the music. The
once laid back crowd now danced in all manner of styles,
including jumping, riding imaginary chain trains, while some
sang or laughed for no reason at all.
Then, Jose Chameleon stepped onto the stage. He put up
an electric performance. Those who could not dance for
one reason or another managed a rhythmic nod. A few
minutes past 8 p.m., the musical treat came to an end.